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Axxcess Customized Portfolio Platform

Our industry is evolving from a one-size-fits-all mindset, to a customized investment portfolio approach. Investors demand institutional-quality managers, analytical technology, maximum transparency, independent service providers, and control over their investment decisions. Axxcess is a leader in tailoring a full suite of customized portfolio services that help investors expand their investment holdings, and better reduce downside exposure to loss.

Client Reporting

With access to an open universe of ETF’s, stocks, mutual funds, fixed income, SMA strategies, and select hedge fund, private equity, real estate, and private debt, we built our reporting platform to deliver a comprehensive view of your wealth- both online and on paper. We will brand your portal application for your clients to download from the Apple App Store, and Google Play for Android.

Private Asset Platform

Using technology to create integrated statement and reports for qualified and accredited investors’ Directed Real Estate, Partnerships, Private Placements, Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Private Credit, Axxcess delivers a comprehensive view of your wealth.

Prospect Portal

Experience what Axxcess has to offer before becoming a client.  Add existing accounts and holdings securely using our aggregation technology.  From there, your Advisor can stress test your existing portfolio,  create proposals, and model scenario analysis without having to enter a single ticker by hand.

Mobile Ready

Access your accounts on the go. Available on the Apple App Store, and on Google Play. Simply search for Axxcess Wealth.

Client Focused

We can implement our recommendations, or your unique diligence criteria without bias, or restriction. We work with both traditional and self directed custodians, and can accommodate holdings such as, private stock, llc units, partnerships, closely held corporations, real estate, private equity, and hedge funds.

Custodial Relationships

Custodial relationships with Charles Schwab, Fidelity IWS, NFS, Interactive Brokers, Millennium Trust and TD Ameritrade.

Stress Testing Portfolios

Trending topics we hear are:

How will my portfolio perform under a “normal” correction?

What happens to my portfolio if we have a major correction?

How will the proposed policy changes such as tax reform, or health care reform affect my portfolio?

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What if President Trump and the GOP manage to successfully pass a tax cut plan? S&P and other forecasters estimate an 11% rise in earnings if corporate tax rates can be cut to 20% Rising earnings should continue to drive the market forward at a similar pace Rising rates and inflation are potential risks as the US government deficit widens rapidly

What if North Korea and South Korea fall back into armed conflict as a result of aggression by the new leader Kim Jong Un's regime? A real conflict in Korea would impact the Asian region as investors shunned risk throughout northern Asia. A serious conflict would result in the collapse of the North Korean regime, resulting in a potential intervention by China and the United States. The conflict would likely end quickly, but could result in significant damage to S. Korea's economy and world trade.

This scenario covers the heart of the global financial crisis, from the collapse of Lehman Brothers until the market lows of early 2009, and examines the max draw downs of key levers over that time frame.

What if the US is unable to make meaningful reforms to Social Security funding resulting in a likely 25% benefits cut in the 2030s? Social security funding unchanged, leading to 25% benefit cut in 20 years. Younger boomers forced to accelerate asset liquidation, pulling assets from market. Lack of spending compounds demand problems seen in economy today

What if tech company valuations normalize, erasing the recent outperformance by the Nasdaq? The Nasdaq has outperformed the S&P 500 by roughly 10% over the last year Drop in tech valuations might start in private funding (VCs) and spread to public markets A mild correction in the Nasdaq might ensue, with lesser impacts on other major equity indices

What if the S&P has a minor correction and falls 10% over a short timeframe? While S&P and Nasdaq both fall 10%, a short correction has little impact on economic metrics Treasury rates would fall as investors flee risk Commodities like oil might fall as fast as equities

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A disciplined approach:

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Our advisors are AIFA, AIF and CRPS credentialed to understand your goals and objectives, and work with you as fiduciary through a clear, fee based engagement.

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  • Financial Planning

    We deliver sophisticated goal-based financial plans that integrate seamlessly with investment plans.

  • Investment Planning

    We assess household risk capacity, generate risk or return based asset allocations, and construct portfolios at any level of complexity.

  • Portfolio Analysis

    We analyze multiple asset classes, stress-test and compare portfolios by characteristics, performance, and more

  • Portfolio Management

    We utilize industry-leading rules-based re-balancing that seamlessly scales across asset class and individual holdings. Our sleeve strategy approach creates management efficiency and lower cost.

  • Reporting

    We create highly customized proposals and statements to ensure reporting meets your needs.

Work with us:

Our clients receive sensible, effective advice, along with a firm commitment to collaborate with other professional advisers. We offer clients open architecture, with a full array of wealth management and investment advisory services.

Our customized investment strategies offer investors a stand-alone solution to fulfill a specific objective.

Whether you are looking for a tactical strategy that can help your portfolio dynamically adjust to changing market conditions or an equity income strategy that can deliver a fixed income approach to equity investing, we can construct, implement, and monitor the solution.

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Our resources provide you with specialists in portfolio management, real estate, private equity, and investment advisory services.

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We offer clients open architecture, with a full array of wealth management and investment advisory services.

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