Axxcess Platform announces the rollout of a platform allocation tool

CARLSBAD, Calif., Aug. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Axxcess Platform (“Platform”), an enterprise turnkey asset management platform (TAMP), run by Axxcess Wealth Management, LLC (“Axxcess”) announced today the completion of a co-development project with HiddenLevers, a premiere risk tech provider serving the wealth management space, to launch an end-to-end portfolio management solution for the Platform.  The Axxcess Allocator is the result.

“HiddenLevers was the missing piece we needed to complete the Axxcess Platform,” said Cory Persson, CFA CFS Director of Investments for Axxcess. “Our Platform partners and advisors can go start to finish with a client in one system: digitally aggregate a prospects current accounts without the need for a paper statement, establish risk; analyze holdings; blend advisor directed strategies, third party SMA strategies, along with private equity, private credit and hedged investments with the Axxcess Allocator; and implement the strategies digitally with e-signature of the allocation acceptance document directly to the client. Advisors will now have more time to focus on scaling their business, and strive to deliver a rich client experience.”

Details of the Deal

The Platform offers an end-to-end tool that allows advisors to blend third party managed strategies, private equity, hedge funds, and directed strategies into a solution that aims to create a seamless experience to optimize advisor to client proposals and contract lifecycle management.

HiddenLevers offered Axxcess a partnership approach to accomplish a key strategic goal. As the first HiddenLevers client to use this functionality, the Platform offers a next-level, integrated solution that incorporates big data to measure millions of relationships between the economy and investments. HiddenLevers’ research team integrates scenarios to model recessions, crises, and other economic events, using historical research and analysis on how economic indicators are correlated. Advisors with 10m or more of AUM using the Platform are provided this new tool at no cost when they onboard.

About HiddenLevers
HiddenLevers is a technology platform, providing next-level applications, business intelligence, risk analytics and economic research for the wealth management space. With nearly $500 billion in assets on its platform, HiddenLevers offers client experience and home-office solutions aimed at financial advisors, asset managers, and wealth management executive teams. The cloud-based platform includes a macro-scenario library, proposal generation, portfolio stress testing, model construction, and enterprise monitoring of risk, revenue, and KPI. HiddenLevers was founded in 2009 and remains a self-funded company, with headquarters in Atlanta.

About Axxcess Platform

Axxcess integrates third party investment managers alongside real estate, private equity, and hedged investments to create a unique UMA/TAMP Platform to transform Wealth Management practices. The Axxcess Platform is built for the experienced advisor looking to improve its current RIA platform, or as an operational solution for a high caliber professional thinking of going independent and seeking a seamless transition. The Platform offers advisors open architecture, with a full array of wealth management and investment advisory services that aims to move a practice upstream. Axxcess combines true alternatives like private equity, private credit, hedge funds and directed real estate alongside traditional SMA strategies.

The Platform is designed for 3c(1) and 3c(7) clients and the advisors that serve them.

Contact information: For more information about Axxcess Platform: 866-217-5607


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About Axxcess Wealth Management, LLC: Axxcess is a leader in tailoring a full suite of customized portfolio services.  The Axxcess Platform integrates third party investment managers alongside real estate, private equity, and hedged investments to create a unique UMA/TAMP framework that it deploys across RIA, BD, and direct channels.

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