Human Genomics Investing: Where Healthcare Meets Technology


There is a revolution happening that will help you and others live longer, better lives. Your medical care will be more personalized, your medication more potent and precise, and we will finally be able to conquer world hunger. This is not a political or social revolution, but a scientific one.

The genomic revolution has begun and is picking up steam. Already, scientists can sequence the entire human genome, over 20,000 genes, in only a few days and at a cost of only $1,000. Medical care can get truly personal when doctors have access to an actual map of your genes. No longer will care be reactive, but rather proactive and preventive.

This genomic knowledge will also lead to better pharmaceutical developments. Drugs will become more powerful, precise, and profitable — something we will all benefit from.

Beyond just DNA, a greater understanding of proteins, RNA, microbiomes, and other molecules will impact diagnostics and treatments. Stem cells will play an instrumental role in pharmaceuticals and therapy. The genomic revolution is turning the medical world upside down.

Genomic sequencing goes beyond just humans, though. Bacteria, cancer, cantaloupes, and cats can all be sequenced to give us a better understanding of how life thrives, grows, and heals. Not only will human life be transformed in this revolution, but agriculture will as well. Genetically modified crops will become safer and more cost-efficient, bolstering the world’s food supply.

The genomic revolution is providing deeper biological insights and innovations that advance safety and efficacy across the board. The increasingly powerful analytics are eliminating guesswork in everything from genetics to crop planting. Genomic sequencing is revolutionizing the medical industry, and you can be a part of it.

You don’t have to be a scientist or medical doctor to join the revolution that is extending and enhancing the quality of human life. As an investor, you can play a major role as well. You can invest in companies that incorporate technological and scientific developments, improvements, and advancements in genomics into their business.

Not only will investing in human genomics put you on the forefront of a revolution, it can also be very profitable. According to research, genomic sequencing of DNA is expected to grow at a 200% annual growth rate. If you want to be a part of revolutionizing health care, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals through your investments, call us today at 858.217.5347.

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