Axxcess is a strategic advisor to business owners, high net worth investors, and family offices.

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Executives and Business Owners


Executives and Business Owners

We work with owner and executive groups to design, install and manage both qualified, and non-qualified retirement plans, and deliver strategic financial advice, covering issues such as succession, executive recruitment and retention, corporate liquidity, and equity capital.

Corporate Retirement Plans

Learn why we developed our open architecture 401k recordkeeping platform.

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Family Office

Corporate liquidity event? Review our Family Offices Services.

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Axxcess Wealth Management, LLC
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Our advisors are CExP, AIFA, AIF and CPA credentialed to understand your integration between your business and personal planning.

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We implement a 4 stage process for business owners:

We work with owner and executive groups to design, install and manage both qualified, and non-qualified retirement plans, and deliver strategic financial advice, covering issues such as succession, executive recruitment and retention, corporate liquidity, and equity capital.

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Work with us:

Small businesses are a unique group that need access to capital formation, structural and strategic advice.

Axxcess advisors have spent more than 20 years advising a variety of business including national non profits, law schools, venture firms, manufacturing, health care, real estate, and mortgage companies though many phases of their unique business cycle.

More than what you have on paper.

Our resources provide you with specialists in portfolio management, real estate, private equity, and investment advisory services.

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Qualified Plans


Business owners make up a majority of our client base so we have dedicated ourselves to specializing in the design, installation, and management of Corporate Retirement Plans. We are experts in fiduciary practices and our services focus on helping Plan Sponsors meet the challenges of this responsibility. Our consultative approach helps clients understand and carry out their roles and responsibilities as Plan fiduciaries as established by ERISA. Our full service plan management solution streamlines the operational process by assisting clients in all areas of Plan administration:  

Corporate Retirement Plans

Axxcess specializes in the Design/Installation/Management of 401(k) plans.

Our open architecture is aligned with best practices and fiduciary standards, making the RFP process with Axxcess clear and transparent. Axxcess has extensive experience working with employers that have between 1 and 250 employees.

The small plan market for 401k plans has been overtaken by annuity and insurance companies.

Work with an independent Advisor and free your plan of conflicts of interest and lack of transparency.

Axxcess will review your plan with a focus on: Plan Design Services Fiduciary Consulting implementing the Fi360 AIFA/AIF process.Employee education, planning, and fee disclosure/reduction Investment Sourcing, Allocation, Diligence TPA and Audits

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Fiduciary Services

A fiduciary stands in a special relationship of trust, confidence, and/or legal responsibility. All defined contribution plan sponsors have specific fiduciary responsibilities as defined by ERISA. Any person or committee serving in the role must ensure that:

  • He or she is always acting in the best interests of the plan and its participants.
  • The plan offers an appropriately diversified mix of investment options.
  • Investment options are evaluated, selected, and monitored in a prudent manner.
  • Plan and investment costs are reasonable.
  • Investments are managed in accordance with the plan document (unless the document is inconsistent with ERISA).

Investment Stewards- those who manage the overall investment decision making process of the portfolio- must adhere to these fiduciary responsibilities.

These duties require expertise and a significant devotion of time and resources. The focus on this area by regulators has never been at higher levels. We at Axxcess understand fiduciary compliance standards. We also know how to incorporate some of the industry’s best tools and resources for our clients.

Investment Sourcing/ Allocation/ Diligence

Axxcess Wealth delivers fiduciary quality investment sourcing, asset allocation, portfolio construction, and performance reporting services - customized for each plan. 

Our process starts with objective Investment diligence:​Axxcess Wealth will conduct a comprehensive fiduciary-level review of your plan’s current lineup of mutual funds, ETFs, separate accounts, variable annuities, and insurance group separate accounts. We utilize an objective peer percentile ranking system.

Investments are ranked against a set of quantitative due diligence criteria selected to reflect prudent fiduciary management. The criteria include total returns, risk adjusted returns, expenses, and other portfolio statistics. Investments are ranked according to their ability to meet due diligence criteria every calendar quarter. Axxcess has powerful investment research capabilities incorporate Morningstar data to deliver detailed performance information, expense calculations, and other investment statistics on every option in your lineup, as well as, a proprietary fi360 Fiduciary Score® that rates the investment option’s suitability as a prudent investment choice (see the FI360 Fiduciary Score® on

We can use those capabilities to conduct a fiduciary review of investments in your existing portfolio, recommend a new investment lineup, and create customized “watch lists” of existing investments in your portfolio that need to be closely monitored or prospective investments that you may wish to add to your portfolio at a future time. 

The Investment Oversight Committee (AWM IOC) evaluates investments on fourteen different criterion across a spectrum of quantitative data points to determine if the investment meets a minimum fiduciary standard of care. The fourteen criteria include: regulatory oversight, track record, assets in the investment, stability of the organization, composition consistent with asset class, style consistency, expense ratio/ fees relative to peers, risk-adjusted performance relative to peers, and performance relative to peers.

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