3D Printing: The Future Of Manufacturing

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Though it took several decades to really catch on, once factories switched from steam power to electrical power, the manufacturing world exploded. Productivity improved, wages improved, and the entire manufacturing landscape was changed for the better. Wouldn’t it have been awesome to have been an investor who got into electricity before everything boomed?

It’s too late to get in on the ground floor for electricity, but the same opportunity is presenting itself once more: 3D printing. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is simply the process of building objects layer-by-layer instead of using a mold or removing material from a larger block. This opens the door for radically new part architectures, decreased costs, reduced weight, and shorter time to production for manufacturers.

3D printing could completely revolutionize the manufacturing industry just as electricity did a century ago. With the constant pressure to cut cost and gain efficiencies, this is the answer they are looking for. It can drastically cut cost while enhancing accuracy, speed, and customization. As printer capabilities and materials improve and innovation continues, more and more companies will recognize the possibilities and begin to use it.

The long-term growth potential is enormous, and we’ve already seen the beginning. The 3D printing sector took 20 years to reach a market value of $1 billion. It took only five years to double that and reach $2 billion. Analysts believe that in the next ten years 3D printing will grow 400%.

If you want to get in on the ground floor of 3D printing, it’s not too late. Though things are starting to pick up, as with most disruptive technologies it takes time. We are in the adjustment period when it has not yet been widely adopted, so there is still amazing growth opportunity for investors.

As an investment manager, I look beyond the S&P 500 to bring my clients truly unique opportunities. 3D printing is one of them. The possibilities for investment in the 3D printing sector excite me and I’m eager to bring them to my clients. If you want to get in on an innovative technology that could change the world, call me at 858.217.5347 for a complimentary consultation where we can discuss how 3D printing would fit into your portfolio.

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