Axxcess is a strategic advisor to business owners, high net worth investors, and family offices.

located in san diego, california

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Our industry is evolving from a one-size-fits-all mindset, to a customized investment portfolio approach. Investors demand institutional-quality managers, analytical technology, maximum transparency, independent service providers, and control over their investment decisions. Axxcess is a leader in tailoring a full suite of customized portfolio services that help investors expand their investment holdings, and better reduce downside exposure to loss.

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If you are an Advisory firm or Broker Dealer using another TAMP/UMA platform please take a deeper dive into what we are doing.

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Axxcess Wealth Management, LLC
6005 Hidden Valley Road, Ste 290
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We can help you with several areas of practice efficiency:

  • Middle Office services
  • Back Office services
  • Work on accounts, as well as business lines, and entire books.
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A disciplined approach:

  • Grow your assets – Hiring a professional  to source, implement, and monitor attractive investment opportunities​​
  • Reduce downside risks with quality alternatives – We offer  our clients the opportunity to access institutional-quality investment portfolios, which have historically been limited to the largest investors.
  • Expertise – Benefit from our considerable experience and leverage our knowledge, relationships, and infrastructure.
  • Customized portfolios – Provide portfolios customized to meet your unique investment objectives and complement existing investments.
  • Turn-key solution – Easily implement all your needs in just one place. Multiple custodians to integrate your real estate, mutual funds, private equity, and hedge fund holdings on a single consolidated statement, with an emphasis on technology to drive client services
  • Visibility - All of your holdings can be accessed in one place, in a secure online portal, daily.

Conduct an initial review:

If you are using an outsourced TAMP/UMA provider now, and your larger more complex clients just dont seem to be a good fit, reach out to us and talk about how we have solved some of the key issues you face.


Work with us:

Your advisory practice is your brand. You own the client. Our technology is white labeled for you.

You can introduce clients via our platform client services agreement, or refer through a traditional solicitors agreement depending on your existing custodial relationships.

Our TAMP/UMA functionality is priced based on the nature of the work being done. Our focus is on 3c(1) and 3c(7) clients.

More than what you have on paper.

Our resources provide you with specialists in portfolio management, real estate, private equity, and investment advisory services.

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123 Brans Road San Diego,
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6005 Hidden Valley Road Suite 290
Carlsbad California, 92011.
United States.