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Axxcess Customized Portfolio Platform


Axxcess Customized Portfolio Platform

Our industry is evolving from a one-size-fits-all mindset, to a customized investment portfolio approach. Investors demand institutional-quality managers, analytical technology, maximum transparency, independent service providers, and control over their investment decisions. Axxcess is a leader in tailoring a full suite of customized portfolio services that help investors expand their investment holdings, and better reduce downside exposure to loss.

Proven Investment Philosophy

  • Axxcess has developed our platform based on years of running family offices by constructing portfolios with managers who have proven track records of generating superior risk adjusted returns  relative to their benchmarks in all economic environments.​ 
  • Portfolio optimization of either risk or return, customized to your specific requirements,
  • Access to an open universe of ETFs, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Fixed Income, investment managers, and  select hedge funds.

Investment Approach

  • Portfolio strategy is designed to capitalize on defined market opportunities and has a disciplined approach to fund selection among the institutional-quality  equity, fixed income, tactical ETF managers and hedge funds that share a complimentary investing approach.
  • We routinely perform quantitative and qualitative reviews of each fund to ensure that it continues to meet our rigorous criteria.
  • Our professional investment team routinely reviews and rebalances each strategy to ensure that it complies with its defined objectives through time.
  • Our professional investment team is constantly sourcing new institutional-quality funds across all investment strategies.
  • Talk to us about our current strategies and market thinking.

How does it work?

  • The ACPP approach delivers access to the model portfolios of a wide variety of third party investment managers.  
  • These ”Sleeve Strategy Managers” are selected by Axxcess through a rigorous diligence process.
  • Advisors create a customized strategy portfolio that meets  clients unique investment objectives by investing in several strategies.
  • Custom client website, reports and planning designed to inform  and identity opportunities.
  • Private Client services - Investing and portfolio management and trading support.
  • Technical training/webinars.
  • Custodial relationships with Charles Schwab, Fidelity IWS, NFS, Interactive Brokers, Millennium Trust.

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Our advisors are AIFA, AIF and CRPS credentialed to understand your goals and objectives, and work with you as fiduciary through a clear, fee based engagement.

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What is the Axxcess Customized Portfolio Platform?:

We developed our internal platform because our business required it.​​

We did not find an outsourced solution that could:

  • Incorporate and report on alternative assets such as private equity, hedge fund, and real estate holdings alongside traditional third party managers, fixed income, equities, funds, and ETFs.  ​
  • Compare or create a proposal that included holdings that were not on a "platform."
  • Reasonably understand the unique requirements of accredited investors.​​

Conduct an initial review:

Let us review your current wealth plan and stress test your holdings against a variety of scenarios to evaluation where you may be exposed.

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We are aligned with your objectives:

The Platform creates several advantages to the client over a traditional portfolio management approach.

​Match client needs through customized investment solutions.​

Blend managers, styles, and approaches in one account.​

Top tier institutional managers and strategies seamlessly overlay to support custom portfolio management.

The platform lowers the costs of investing with third party money managers.

More than what you have on paper.

Our resources provide you with specialists in portfolio management, real estate, private equity, and investment advisory services.

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